The TUF project consists of three components:

  • Specification – the detailed TUF specification describes how to add TUF metadata to a repository and the process to arrange for clients to use that metadata to download and verify targets.
  • Standardization process – major changes to the specification, including new features, are made as TUF Augmentation Proposals (TAPs).
  • Reference implementation – python-tuf provides a reference implementation of the TUF specification and is used as a vital part of the TAPs process to prototype changes to the specification.

The project is currently managed by a team of collaborators from academia and industry.

Many people have contributed to the project since its inception, including academics, professional developers, and contributors from the open-source community. We especially acknowledge the individuals from the open-source community who have contributed to the TUF project over the years.

Please visit the governance page to learn how project decisions are made, and for a more detailed explanation of the project roles used below.

Consensus Builder

Justin Cappos


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